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Over the past 100 years, Wentworth Senior Living has evolved to be more than just a collection of apartments. We’ve built a community around the shifting needs of the people who live and work here. With our endowment, residents can choose to live fully engaged lives with the peace of mind that they won’t need to relocate, while staff can be confident in their ability to stay and grow professionally. 

Your donation helps to ensure our century-long legacy of empowering residents and staff can continue. Thank you for being a valuable part of our community. 

Wentworth Senior Living’s mission is:

To provide the seniors we serve with the support necessary to maintain their individual strengths and capacities; that they, along with their families and friends, have trust in our desire and ability to help them succeed; and that all members of our staff fully embrace the belief that they are greatly respected and appreciated for playing an important part in this effort.

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Your donation makes an impact on every resident at Wentworth Senior Living and adds to the success of our residents and staff every day. We are currently accepting donations and truly appreciate your thoughtful generosity.

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Choose Your Legacy

It’s up to you how you’d like to contribute. Donate to one or more of our key support areas: 

Residential Grants

When our residents’ financial circumstances change, WSL’s endowment ensures they can choose to continue living as part of our community. Housing is provided based on availability and individual circumstances.

Staff Scholarships 

We want WSL to be a place where the best care is provided by team members who stay and grow through continuous opportunities for advancement. That’s why we invest in our employees with scholarships for professional and personal growth in their respective roles.

Community Enhancements 

Ongoing updates to our facilities keep us up to date with progressive technologies and allow us to create an environment that adapts to what each individual is looking for. WSL’s endowment enables us to improve the grounds, provide the best dementia care and support, and maintain our residents’ safety and independence above all.

Hear about our Endowment’s Impact from
Community Members

The staff at Wentworth are absolutely amazing; they go above and beyond for not only the residents but also the residents’ families. Knowing my beloved grandmother was safe and truly cared for at Wentworth was a gift. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Wentworth Senior Living.

– Tess, family member

I highly recommend Wentworth to other families searching for a caring, professional, and beautifully maintained space.

Kathleen, family member

I talk about Wentworth [Senior Living] to everyone. It’s an amazing place, and I’ve worked in other places. This is an amazing place for the spirit you all have and how you obviously care about the residents, it’s just apparent.

– Sherry, employee

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about our endowment or making a donation, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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