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5 Reasons Senior Living Communities are Essential in Winter

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We’ll cut to the chase – winter in New England isn’t easy. Its incredibly cold, daylight is limited, and one might get snowed in for a day or two without power. For our seniors, winter can be especially challenging, pushing them to their limits and making even simple daily tasks difficult. So why not escape responsibly for a few months? A local senior living community can be especially helpful to a loved one, even if just for the winter. Check out these five reasons why temporarily entering a senior living community for the winter is a great option for seniors who may not feel safe living on their own through the cold.

Safety Hazards Increase in Winter

The CDC reports that 3 million elderly people are treated in hospitals for fall injuries each year. In the wintertime, the chances of falling increase drastically with snow and ice outside. Something as simple as taking the garbage to the curb can be life-threatening for a senior. Moving into a community means improved safety and a team who cares about your loved one as much as you do. 

While safety is always a top priority, it’s never been more important than it is now.  Senior living communities like Wentworth Senior Living are prepared keep seniors safe, but also focused on their emotional wellbeing.  

Improved Social Lives

Often times, seniors living on their own face inadvertent isolation. Maybe their family lives far away and/or their friends have passed on. Having regular social interactions can be difficult in the winter with dangerous road conditions and frequent storms. Especially during this global pandemic, seniors being exposed to others outside of quarantine can be detrimental to their lives.  

Living in a senior care community means always having a friend around. On their own, this can be tough in the winter. The shorter days and less activities to participate in make it easy for one to fall into self-isolation. In a community, daily enrichment activities bring together your loved one and others to make friends for life. 

Daily Activities Provide Senior Enrichment

When we move inside for a chilly season, it’s easy to get bored and uninvolved. But in a senior community, daily enrichment is synonymous with one’s wellbeingAt Wentworth Senior Living, our Director of Resident Engagement is constantly planning new and fun activities for seniors to get involved. 

When one thinks of a senior home, they may think about endless days playing bingo. But today, each activity is designed with each resident in mind and based on their life experiences, interests, hobbies and more. Art, exercise, trivia, book clubs, movie nights and yes, even bingo, are just a small portion of an ever-evolving calendar of events to keep seniors having fun when there’s not much to do outside 

Seniors’ Necessities Are Handled

Does your loved one despise grocery shopping or taking the trash out? Good news – in a senior living community, those chores are handled for residents. If they need anything, staff members on site are always available to handle or assist with pesky tasks.  

Transportation can be difficult and dangerous in the winter due to the icy roads and snow/rain/sleet storms. Living in a senior community means an escape from rush hours, road closures, construction, potholes, ice and more. And opting out of driving doesn’t mean limited freedom – any off-site event like a doctor’s appointment or social outing can be coordinated through staff to ensure safety and peace of mind.  

Seniors’ Health Issues Can be Handled

Many seniors suffer with physical, emotional and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, dementia, etc. And these issues can be exacerbated in the winter. Moving into a community with 24/7 staff all trained to help meet the needs of your loved one. Around-the-clock staff, enrichment activities, and a home designed with seniors in mind is essential for upkeep in the dark, winter months.  

While living in a senior community, the 24/7 staff are there to get to know each resident on a very personal level. They’ll notice small changes in behavior that may be an early sign of physical or mental health problems and can step in for early intervention. Having a strong team behind every resident means personalized, around-the-clock care when they need it the most.

Consider Joining a Senior Living Community for Winter

Winter is here and it’s more important than ever to make living plans for yourself or a loved one. Moving in, even if temporarily, provides a host of benefits and safety measures that make winter in New England easier – especially during these uncertain times.