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The Importance of Finding Gratitude Everyday

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A grateful attitude has many benefits for one’s mental and physical health and can be an important part of living a happy life. However, it can often be hard to recognize the things we can be grateful for, especially for our senior family members. As they age, our senior loved ones can often lose sight of the things in their life they can be grateful for, like their family, friends, and even things like a surprise gift or their favorite meal. It can take work to create a grateful mindset, so we’ve compiled a list of tips that can help.

Change Your Perspective

When you foster a perspective that’s more positive, it will help you be more grateful.  Instead of thinking “I wish I had more visitors,” or “I wish it would stop raining,” instead you can think “I like to have this time to myself to read” or “this rain will help the flowers bloom in spring.”  Changing your perspective to foster more gratitude will help to make it easier to find the things in your life you have to be grateful for each day.

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Improve Your Overall Mental & Physical Health

When you’re happy and healthy, it’s easy to be grateful for all the other things in your life.  Participating in daily activities that bring you joy can improve your health. For example, socializing with friends, partaking in an exercise class, or enjoying a hobby, can improve your mood and also help you to feel more grateful about the things in your life that are sometimes taking for granted.

A perfect way to do this is by participating in one of our many daily activities.  Take a look at our calendar and find the activities right for you!

Keep a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a great way to stay grounded. The things you note don’t always have to be big things like a gift or a visit from a friend or family member.  They can be small, like the seasons changing to your favorite time of year.  Noting the things that happened during your day is a great habit that will help foster gratitude and give you a positive mindset.

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There is more that goes into being grateful than just saying “thank you.”  You can be appreciative for your life experiences, your health, the weather, and for your family and friends who love you.  Although sometimes it’s difficult for our senior loved ones, there are things they can do each day to