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What Happens as a Parent’s Health Declines: Does he have to move again?

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What makes sense today may be different tomorrow—as is the case for every stage of life and health, and at Wentworth Senior Living we understand this.

When the decision has been made for Mom or Dad to transition from home to a community better suited to provide necessary healthcare, it can be difficult to choose which living arrangement is best—and even more difficult to predict your parent’s health needs. The last thing you want to think about is another move down the road. The initial change is challenging, so the idea that this community may not be the last (due to health reasons, no less) can be upsetting.

It can be comforting to know that there are senior living communities designed to meet the changing needs of a senior’s health over the course of months and years. These communities are intentionally designed to offer flexible and personalized healthcare that adapts to each resident’s lifestyle, preference, and clinical needs—allowing them to age in place.

At WSL, there’s no need to worry that after a successful transition from home, your parent will be asked to move once again due to a worsening health condition. When residents first move to WSL, we recommend a service plan (Intermediate or Advanced) designed to meet each person’s unique needs. Plans are reviewed again after the first six weeks and then every six months following to allow for required adjustments.

Our nursing staff is specially trained to provide individualized care in medication management, mobility assistance, and more. Whether a resident requires minimal assistance or is ready for end of life care, our team can meet the individual wherever they are in their life journey. The WSL team works with each resident’s doctor to arrange services including physical, occupational, and speech therapy; lab work and x-rays; oxygen and medication delivery; podiatry; and dental hygiene.

We understand that at the beginning, some residents may simply be ready to have someone cook or clean for them. But over time, they may require more active healthcare support or assistance in navigating cognitive or memory impairments. We’re prepared to help.

At WSL, we think the senior living model’s ability to flex and adapt to serve each individual resident is its greatest asset and we encourage you to explore it for yourself.