COVID-19 Precautionary Practices

(Last Updated June 23, 2020)

We want to first thank you for all of your support and truly commendable handling of the current situation we find ourselves in. We know that over the past couple of months you have been faced with challenges not seen before.

In-Person Therapy services returning to WSL: Due to the high demand for additional therapies, we have made this our top priority and are working towards opening up to 3rd party agencies. This will include visits from a physical therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, dermatologist, podiatrists, and hospice professionals. We are currently working with our regularly utilized agency partners to get a plan in place for this to roll out in the safest, most logical, and efficient manner.

Small groups of residents to visit or walk in the garden area: We have outlined a plan that we feel will safely enable us to engage groups of up to 10 within the beautiful outer section of the garden along South Pond. Each resident will be required to wear a cloth mask and maintain the appropriate 6-8 feet social distancing throughout the travel to and from the garden, and as well as the time spent in the garden. By increasing the number of residents that can enjoy the space at one time, we also expect to expand the amount of time all are able to spend outside.

Outdoor family visits: Governor Sununu recently announced the lifting of restrictions for outside family visits. We are currently working on a plan that will offer scheduled times for family visits. Our focus will be to implement this plan for all AL residents and families, by using our parking area under the trees on the Wentworth Road side of our facility. All visitors and residents will need to wear a cloth mask and maintain 6-8 feet of social distancing for the duration of the visit. We ask that you bring your own cloth mask, but in the event visitors come without one, WSL will provide cloth masks, if necessary. Aligning with state mandates, visits will be limited to a set time schedule.

As we are all trying to establish a “new normal” during these unprecedented times, we all have to understand that with the loosening of restrictions, we are assuming a new level of risk. To help minimize this additional risk, we are planning to phase in these changes, one at time. It is extremely important that we confirm that we have thought through and ironed out any unforeseen challenges with each before moving on to the next phase. Each plan requires WSL staff engagement, working through the protocols, assisting with the process, and includes detailed disinfecting and sanitizing procedures to help limit any potential cross-contamination. Please know that reestablishing in-person therapies and providing more opportunities for improved freedom of movement, time outside and opportunities for engagement is of utmost importance to us. We’re striving to find the balance between quality of life and maintaining the highest level of safety for our residents, their families, and our staff.

Should you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to reach out to us at (603) 436-0169.