COVID-19 Precautionary Practices

(Last Updated August 14, 2020)

There are lots of changes in the works as the state rapidly loosens restrictions.

Over the past week we opened up our dining rooms for communal dining during lunch and we held our first resident informational meeting as a group. Our strategy of slowly rolling out new protocols have become part of this new way of living. We recognize it’s not always easy to take just one step at a time, but so far this safe, disciplined approach has served us well as we continue to be a COVID free community!

As some of you may have heard, on Thursday, August 13, Governor Sununu surprisingly significantly advanced the loosening of restrictions in terms of visitations and who can come into senior communities. With his new announcement, all residents will now be able to have ONE designated family member who can come into the community for socially distant visits. In addition, non-essential workers are now allowed back into senior communities, including the much-anticipated hairdressers and barbers.  While this is extremely exciting and welcomed news, it is a change that we feel would best be introduced using our proven methodical model. This approach enables our team to think through the appropriate protocols to ensure we safely implement these changes.

Indoor Visits

Beginning on Monday, August 17th, we will be opening up our doors to indoor socially distant visits. We will be asking everyone to adhere to the following procedures:

Visitation Hours:

  • 7 days per week — 9am – 4:30pm

Prior to Visit:

  • Each resident will inform WSL who their one designated visitor will be prior to the first visit.
    • At this phase, this visitor will be the only person allowed to come into the building for visits.
  • Designee’s will be asked to call ahead to inform WSL of intended visit.
  • Each designee will be prescreened before each visit, including having their temperature checked upon arrival and sign in.
  • Designee’s will be required to wash their hands directly after passing their prescreening.

During Visit:

  • All visits will be within the resident’s apartment
  • We ask that we continue to maintain 6’ apart for the duration of each visit
  • Masks must be worn throughout the visit
  • Visitors will be asked to ride the elevators alone and to sanitize after riding.
  • Visitors must sign out with concierge and wash their hands prior to leaving the building.

Opening of Salon

Shortly after residents signed a petition for opening up the salon, the Governor changed his position on restrictions pertaining to haircuts and styles. Maybe it was just a coincidence, or maybe your voices were heard and the petition you signed truly made a difference in protocol! Either way, we are happy to announce that we will be opening up our salon with our new hairdresser, Lindi Wilson.

While this is music to many of your ears, we are still asking for your patience while we work through the process and safety protocols to get her cleared to come into the building. Lindi will need to pass a COVID test prior to coming into our community and work through standard onboarding. We anticipate we will be able to offer haircuts in the very near future.

As you’d expect, getting your haircut will look a little different as a result new safety guidelines. Lindi will don and doff Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) between each resident haircut and only one resident will be allowed in the salon at a time.

Residents walking independently inside the building

We are also excited to announce that effective Monday 8/17, residents will once again be able to walk freely throughout the COMMON AREAS inside the facility. As we all know, the COVID threat is not behind us, so it is imperative that we maintain safety protocols… all can walk the halls and common spaces, but not go into other resident’s rooms at this time. And, masks must be worn any time that residents are outside of their rooms.

As a gentle reminder, hooks are being (or have already been) installed inside the doorway of each apartment along with a sign reminding everyone to wear the mask before exiting. Please keep your mask on the hook when you’re in your apartment so it is easy to find! Also – when leaving your apartment – WEAR YOUR NAME BADGE so it is easier for all of us to know who is behind that mask!

We are all excited for the expanded freedoms. We also want to be sure that we don’t lose sight of the importance of remaining vigilant in following the safety protocols necessary to keep COVID out of WSL.

  • Maintaining appropriate social distancing
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Wearing a mask when in common areas
  • Staying in common areas and not gathering in fellow resident rooms

We have remained safe as we’ve all worked together to navigate these challenging times. Let’s keep that up and enjoy the freedoms that remaining COVID free enable us to have. Thank you for your continued commitment and patience.


Phoebe James
AVP of Admissions, All Points & Communications
Wentworth Senior Living

Should you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to reach out to us at (603) 436-0169.