Living Options

Age in Place

At Wentworth Senior Living, residents are able to remain here no matter how much their need for support increases.

Senior living options at our Portsmouth NH community empower residents to enjoy fully engaged lives—and give family members the confidence that their loved one is receiving the most appropriate level of support. And with our Age in Place philosophy, families and residents can rest assured that Wentworth Senior Living will provide their residents with a cozy and supportive home within a quality, long-term living environment.

While preparing to welcome you to your apartment, our staff will meet with you to develop a personalized plan that allows you to dictate, to the greatest extent possible, what you want your day to look like. After a thorough assessment and collaborative discussion, our staff will recommend a service plan that meets your personal and healthcare needs—right in your apartment.

We’ll then review the plan with you and your family, ensuring everyone is comfortable with the recommendations. Plan services are reviewed with you and your family after your first six weeks at Wentworth Senior Living, and again every six months. We’re happy to work with families and residents to conduct additional reviews at any time.

Core services—including dining, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and enrichment programming—are included for every resident.

Many of our residents need some additional level of support, which is provided through one of the following service plans:


The Intermediate Service Plan is designed for residents who require staff assistance with activities of daily living, such as dressing and bathing, as well as reminders for meals or activities.

This is the best plan for residents who would benefit from having a member of WSL’s licensed care staff manage their medication.


The Advanced Service Plan is designed to provide advanced clinical support right in a resident’s apartment. In addition to the services included in the Intermediate Service Plan, this plan provides staff support for mobility and transfers, nurse intervention for managing complex medical conditions, memory impairment, incontinence care, and supervision of palliative or hospice services.

No matter what level of assistance a resident may need when first moving to our community, our staff and facilities can accommodate any changes. Our living spaces and supported staffing are designed to be customized to each resident’s needs.

The All Points Program™

The program is structured as a separate level of care and a distinct service care plan that applies to residents who are assessed and deemed to be experiencing increased challenges due to their progressing symptoms of dementia. The care level is administered throughout the building.

Through the use of additional, individually designed interventions, tracking of engagement patterns and abilities, and by evaluating and adjusting staff approaches and techniques to behavioral changes, the program enables All Points residents to continue living in their assisted living apartments. It delays the need for an internal move until the transition is deemed appropriate.

Enhanced Enrichment Program

Each enrichment activity is geared towards fulfilling the 5 Dimensions of Wellness by providing social, physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or intellectual engagement and offered in one-on-one or group settings. We recognize that for some, a more personal approach is what is needed to enhance emotional well-being and provide fulfilling engagement. Through our Enhanced Enrichment Program, we are able to provide a personalized approach to further enrich our residents with unique needs by using a one-on-one individualized engagement plan.

Living Options

Independent Living

When choosing WSL as your aging-in-place home, we will help you enrich your senior years. Independent living at WSL allows you the freedom to pursue your passions and hobbies as you please while living within a community that is ready to assist you when your health needs change. Read more about our independent living options.

Assisted Living

Designed to accommodate whatever level of assistance you may need, our apartments provide a cozy, private home for our residents. Our licensed care staff can assist you in living a healthy and fulfilled life. Read more about our assisted living options. 

Memory Care

Our community can provide specialized support and care for those living with memory loss. Either through our advanced memory care program or in our assisted living service, our staff is specially trained in dementia and Alzheimer’s care. Read more about our memory care program.