Holistic Senior Care

Our Portsmouth, New Hampshire senior living community developed The All Points Program™ to personalize our approach to memory care, giving each resident the care and support they need to live a full and dignified life throughout the progression of their dementia. With our holistic senior care approach, seniors needing little to no daily assistance can move in comfortably knowing that we will adapt to their needs as they arise.

Our Holistic Approach to Senior Living

This program is intentionally designed to support all of our residents and their families living with the varying forms of memory loss and in differing stages. We meet people where they are by working with their current abilities, rather than focusing on any abilities they may no longer have. By empowering people with personalized support and care, we can help provide our residents with the dignity and grace they require to live a fulfilling life.

Our living spaces include private one-bedroom or studio apartments. Each apartment includes amenities such as a tea kitchen, full bath with accessible shower, and intercom communication/alert system. Wall-to-wall carpeting in a neutral color, privacy window blinds, central air, and basic cable television are standard features which, together with your personal furnishings and decorative touches, make the space a true home.

Adaptive Support

Through the use of additional, individually designed interventions, tracking of engagement patterns and abilities, and by evaluating and adjusting staff approaches and techniques to behavioral changes, the program enables All Points residents to continue living in their assisted living apartments. It delays the need for an internal move until the transition is deemed appropriate.

We understand that health changes often come unexpectedly. Our staff can adjust to your needs and assist you, even if situations change. Our living spaces, support staffing, and holistic senior care plans adapt to each resident’s needs, allowing them to age in place.