Memory Care

Our supportive Portsmouth, New Hampshire senior community strives to maintain independence and ease stress. For our residents experiencing cognitive impairment, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to memory care. By creating a place of safety and security, we strive to give each of our residents an individualized sense of purpose and comfort.

Memory Care With The All Points Program™

The All Points Program™ is a unique approach to memory care services and support for those at any stage of cognitive impairment. The program is offered throughout the community to residents living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. By working with All Points residents and families, we continue to create and implement programs and processes to help sustain each resident’s independence. We provide support through challenging changes in abilities and offer residents living with memory loss and their families the chance to understand and prepare for potential future care needs.

In recognizing the importance of quality dementia care, Wentworth Senior Living incorporated the latest Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations into The All Points Program™. These recommendations outline quality care practices based on a comprehensive review of current evidence, best practice, and expert opinion. Wentworth Senior Living is committed to adhering to these recommendations in the implementation of The All Points Program™. We have made sure that every aspect, methodology, and technique correlates to its person and family-centered best practice model.


The study and research that went into creating the All Points program is impressive. There was a lot of vision and initiative behind developing this approach; and saying we are going to implement this in our setting. – Cassy


Our Memory Care Approach

When cognitive function declines, people more often depend on their instincts and emotions. For that reason, we strive to inspire comfort and trust through a nurturing environment with attentive, loving, and qualified support. Because we prioritize a personalized approach to memory care, our staff is able to satisfy our memory care residents’ needs and adapt to their reality to help ease stress.

Using the latest advances in memory care—such as Habilitation Therapy and Sensory Therapy—our specially trained staff members support each individual in achieving moments of success, maintaining dignity, and promoting a sense of self-worth.

An Adaptive Environment

It’s important for a memory care community to be adaptive to its residents. Some residents benefit most from a structured, secure environment. For others, the opposite is true; a flexible approach is best. We help a resident shape his or her day into an experience that is comforting, familiar, and relaxed.

For those who would benefit from the security of a more structured environment, the Wentworth Senior Living memory care program offers a specially designed living space with comfortable bedrooms and added support from staff. In our memory care living facilities, residents receive the quality support to help bring happiness and purpose to their day.

Secure living and dining areas are specifically designed to help these residents move safely and comfortably through their day. Support includes assistance with daily tasks, such as dressing, bathing, eating, using the bathroom, and moving around. Meals are served family-style, which allows residents to participate more actively in the meal. While private rooms are available, shared rooms provide the option for companionship, which can keep loneliness and disorientation at bay.

Family is a valuable resource for All Points residents and our team, especially as they transition into our memory care program. We encourage family members to help decorate the room with familiar objects and join your loved one at some of our community events.

Daily Enrichment

Our calendar of programs is designed to be flexible and resident-driven. The goal of each activity is to fully engage and enrich our residents’ days. Our staff encourages physical and mental exercises that stimulate the senses and encourages residents to spend their days participating in the activities they enjoy.

Moments of success look different for every resident—and, for most, it’s simply about remaining in touch with the tasks and routines that once represented “normal” life. Basic activities such as folding laundry, sorting mail, or reading a favorite book can evoke the satisfaction of completing the day successfully.

View this month’s Memory Care Enrichment Calendar under the Family Reference section of our Resources page. 

Our Staff

We believe our staff is our greatest asset. All direct-care staff and ancillary staff are trained in the latest cognitive impairment techniques—such as Habilitation Therapy.

Each staff member is responsible for only four residents at a time, which allows our team to dedicate and prioritize individualized support. Our care staff also takes time to get to know each resident, creating an intimate portrait of their life before Wentworth Senior Living.

As cognitive function deteriorates, we’re able to provide nurse intervention to manage complex medical conditions and to supervise palliative or hospice services. Any care your parent may require can be honored by Wentworth Senior Living; our expert staff and care professionals ensure that our residents get the care they need and deserve.

I cannot tell you what immense peace of mind it gives me to know my grandmother is in your care. – Anna