Service Plans

Our service plans empower residents to live full, engaged lives—and give family members the confidence that their loved one is receiving the most appropriate level of support.

While preparing to welcome you to your apartment, our staff will meet with you to develop a personalized plan that allows you to dictate, to the greatest extent possible, what you want your day to look like. After a thorough assessment and collaborative discussion, our staff will recommend a service plan to meet your personal and healthcare needs—right in your apartment. We’ll then review the plan with you and your family, ensuring everyone is comfortable with the recommendation. Plan services are reviewed with you and your family after your first six weeks at Wentworth Senior Living, and again every six months. We’re happy to work with families and residents to conduct additional reviews at any time.

Core services—including dining, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and enrichment programming—are included for every resident. Many of our residents need some additional level of support, which is provided through one of the following service plans:

The Intermediate Service Plan is designed for residents who require staff assistance with activities of daily living, such as dressing and bathing, as well as reminders for meals or activities. This is also the best plan for residents who would benefit from having a member of WSL’s licensed care staff manage their medication.

The Advanced Service Plan is designed to provide advanced clinical support right in a resident’s apartment. In addition to the services included in the Intermediate Service Plan, this plan provides staff support for mobility and transfers, nurse intervention for managing complex medical conditions, incontinence care, and supervision of palliative or hospice services.