Our organization is centered around those we serve

Our Greatest Asset

WSL’s success truly depends on the skill, dedication, and professional happiness of our staff. Our employees take pride in shaping their workplace culture, and it shows. The careful selection, training, and advancement of our employees are ongoing priorities. In fact, many members of our management team began their careers in entry-level positions right here at Wentworth Senior Living.

Providing Excellent Support, Instilling Peace of Mind

Consistent, personalized, high-quality care is a cornerstone of Wentworth Senior Living. From managing medications, to housekeeping, to sitting down for a conversation, our team recognizes the vital role they play in helping seniors live engaged, autonomous lives.

As an organization, WSL recognizes that caregivers cannot adequately tend to the people they serve if they are not also well served. Our staff teams are rotated regularly to encourage relationship-building with residents, and to prevent emotional and physical “burnout,” which can be common in the caregiving field. As a result, we retain dedicated, well-trained staff members who deeply value their responsibilities to our residents.

Our chosen model of senior living (licensed supported residential healthcare) allows us the flexibility to meet our residents’ needs—spending less time on paperwork and more time participating in the day-to-day lives of our community members.

Our employees also recognize the importance of building and maintaining relationships with residents’ extended families. Our staff regularly meets with residents and their families to review their needs and address recommended changes in care. We promote an “open-door” relationship of ongoing dialogue that extends far beyond regularly scheduled meetings.