About Us

A Supportive Community for Seniors

Wentworth Senior Living is a nonprofit senior living community dedicated to supporting seniors’ health, independence, relationships, and interests. As an independent nonprofit, we are able to easily accommodate and adjust to the needs of our residents. 

We strive to keep our community comfortable and supportive. Residents’ apartments are quiet and inviting, common areas are cozy and home-like, and support is provided in a discreet and respectful manner.

An Evolving Story

Like the city of Portsmouth, Wentworth Senior Living has a storied past. Both our building and our organization have lasted the test of time, and while we honor our history, we look out toward a progressive future. Our commitment to helping seniors live better lives longer guides every business decision we make. Read more about our evolving history.

A Caring Team

We believe our staff is our greatest asset. Each member of our support team is dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors and preserving the dignity and happiness of our residents. Read more about our staff and leadership team.

Thank you for doing an exceptional job of communicating with families and residents. – Helen