Life at Wentworth Senior Living

A Community You Can See and Feel

We truly believe the best way to understand what separates Wentworth Senior Living from other living options is to visit our community.

You’ll notice the way our community interacts with one another, how our staff connects on a human level with our residents, and how every interaction preserves the dignity and independence of our residents.

As an independent nonprofit community, we can quickly adjust our practices to serve our community members better and respond to residents’ needs on a case-by-case basis.

The goal of our community is to enrich the lives of seniors and enable them to live with freedom and flexibility, and each member of our staff takes that mission to heart. Our specially trained nursing staff works to maintain both the physical well-being and the happiness and comfort of each resident.

Part of this work is done through providing the necessary care and clinical support a resident may require, but the most meaningful work is done through building compassionate relationships with every member of our community. 


Life holds many blessings. Wentworth Senior Living is one of them. – Elaine


Healthcare Services that Flex and Adapt

Our nursing staff provides customized support to meet residents’ daily health needs, including medication management and mobility assistance. All services are delivered by specially trained staff members who prioritize individualized support with the highest quality medical care. We’re able to adapt to various levels of need, from minimal to end-of-life care.

See our Living Options for more information on levels of care.

Our nursing team, in partnership with a resident’s doctor, can also arrange the following services:

·       Physical therapy
·       Occupational therapy
·       Speech therapy
·       Lab work and x-rays
·       Oxygen delivery
·       Podiatry
·       Dental hygiene
·       Dermatology
·       Medication delivery
·       Durable medical equipment sizing, rental, and delivery

An Active Participant

Supporting Seniors Within and Beyond Our Walls

At Wentworth Senior Living, our vision is to be an active participant in a community dedicated to ensuring seniors are fully engaged in living better lives longer. And because we are a hybrid provider of senior services, we provide more than a residential community.

Why is community involvement important to us? Because we recognize that community extends beyond the walls of our physical building. Our residents bring with them a lifetime of connections. Many have called the Seacoast area home for years. They are intricately a part of it and inseparable from it. The issues and experiences our residents are navigating also affect seniors living in the greater community, and we believe we can be most effective in addressing them by providing support and advocacy that extend beyond our residential living community.

As a community-minded organization, we want our residents to feel empowered to explore our beautiful surroundings, socialize with one another, and take advantage of the activities in and around Portsmouth.