Days that are Yours to Design

There’s no “typical day” at Wentworth Senior Living; each resident is free to go about his or her day on his or her terms. We’ve designed our schedule accordingly, in ways that allow residents to adapt it to their own preferences.

Enrichment programming is geared to satisfy the diverse hobbies and interests of our residents, who can engage as much—or as little—as they choose. When new residents join our community, we work with the resident to design a personalized care plan that adapts to their needs and desires.

We believe each activity should be engaging and stimulating. For that reason, we craft activities and invite community members that can rise to the level of skill and expertise of our residents.


It takes creative focus to think outside the box. The enrichment team will ask themselves, what is something different that we can try today to create that spark in this person’s day? That’s profound. There is no recipe for that, it takes time to get to know the residents and that is what Wentworth Senior Living does. – Cassy


Programming That’s Truly Enriching

Rather than asking our residents to adapt their lives to fit into the programs we’ve created, we shape our programming around our residents’ hobbies, preferences, and existing lifestyles. Just like our residents, we are ever-evolving.

Our enrichment programming is led by dedicated staff members that take their lead from our seniors’ interests. While offerings are continually changing, popular types of programming include discussion groups on everything from current events to travel; Seacoast outings; tai chi or yoga; music, movies, and book clubs; educational programming; computer and technology offerings; and much more.

We make a concerted effort to bring outside programming into the building—as well as to offer myriad ways to experience the greater community outside our walls.

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