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How We Approach Memory Care at Every Stage

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Everyone is different in their likes, abilities, temperaments, and so much more. Because there is so much variety inside and out, there is no one singular approach to memory care. At best, some trends are observable, and we can find tools that can be applied successfully to individuals to create a personalized memory care program.

To help identify and support our residents better, WSL has spent the last several years completely redefining its philosophy and approach to supporting those in our community and their families.

The All Points Program™: Memory Care at Every Stage

During the early stages of dementia, most individuals require little assistance. Though they may struggle to remember things or present other symptoms of cognitive impairment, these individuals may not be noticeably affected by dementia. As the symptoms of dementia progress, WSL staff noticed that residents were benefiting from more time with staff.

When residents have help with their specific abilities and challenges, we are better able to offer them enjoyment, independence, and dignity. If care can be adapted at an instant, this can help redirect the resident to prevent them from experiencing the challenging symptoms of their dementia progression.

Because our support techniques are so personalized and flexible, we believed it was important to highlight that philosophy and approach within a dementia support program.  We did our research, none were documented, and so we created our own program within our community. We call our approach The All Points Program™.

Our Memory Care Assessment

Each resident has a full health assessment before moving into our community to ensure we are providing the exact support necessary for them to thrive. Not every resident will need to be a part of The All Points Program™, but our goal is to identify any resident that will benefit from the added personalized support. We do this by meeting with residents and family members either at admission or as soon as symptoms are observed.  This early assessment is key to establishing a baseline understanding of a resident’s cognitive impairment so that we can support them appropriately as their cognitive impairment unfolds further.

Preparing For Changes in Memory

Transitions are difficult for most people. This tends to be especially true of those living with some kind of cognitive impairment. For that reason, The All Points Program™ put special emphasis on easing the difficulty of transitions from the moment a resident moves into our community. Through early education and customized social care plans, we believe we can ease the stress of transitions and provide optimal care for each resident.

Once a resident is in The All Points Program™, we create an overall understanding of what future transitions may look like. We help prepare them and their families for change. Establishing personalized care goals that address the individual resident’s wants and needs, documenting practices used to achieve those goals, assessing the effectiveness of interventions, and modifying approaches help us maintain a positive quality of life for each resident.


If you would like to learn more about The All Points Program™ or discuss how it may help your loved one, please reach out to us. We would love to help.