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Keeping Seniors Thriving: Why Their Well-being Affects Us All

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As a population, we’re not just living longer—we’re continuing to thrive well into the late years of life.

Whether it’s through giving back to an influential organization, helping to teach and care for the next generation, or simply boosting the local economy through shopping and everyday activities, seniors play a significant role in the success of the towns and cities in which we live.

1) Our communities thrive when seniors volunteer time and donate money to causes they’re passionate about.

Many seniors are able to give generously of their time and money. With fewer professional and financial responsibilities, seniors choose to spend time helping causes they care about. Our communities benefit from the much-needed boost in funding and work hours.

Many public institutions can’t afford to hire paid workers, so donations and volunteer hours help keep places like parks, community centers, libraries, and schools in operation. The seniors giving back are more engaged in their communities – keeping them healthy and happy (increased activity and social interaction) and feeling more satisfied, accomplished, and driven by a sense of purpose.

2) Our communities thrive when seniors nurture the next generation.

Seniors play a very influential role in helping to shape the next generation of business and community leaders. Whether they’re caring for grandchildren or volunteering to mentor young students, this group has much to teach young citizens.

Grandparents ease the burden of childcare as parents work to balance professional and personal lives. In addition to childcare, it’s important to remember that seniors have lived longer and in turn have learned important life lessons and gathered vital wisdom to share with those willing to listen. Children, grandchildren, and all smart young people can learn a thing or two from seniors.

3) Our communities thrive when seniors make service and product purchases at the local level.

In retirement, seniors possess a purchasing power that cannot be ignored. They contribute to the communities in which they live by shopping at local businesses and seeking services from area companies. Their financial contributions keep companies in business and people employed.

It’s important that we find ways to encourage and connect with seniors, because they are and will continue to be a vibrant and influential part of every community.