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Press Release: Mark Wentworth Home Rebrands as Wentworth Senior Living

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Name change reflects commitment to vibrant senior lifestyles


PORTSMOUTH, N.H., March 2, 2016 — The Mark Wentworth Home, a nonprofit senior living community well-known in Portsmouth for more than 100 years, today announced its name change to Wentworth Senior Living (WSL). Effective immediately, the update reflects the organization’s commitment to a personalized approach to care, helping seniors live better lives longer. The change also showcases WSL’s evolution from programming focused on providing care to one of enriching and supporting the lives of its residents—as well as seniors throughout the Greater Portsmouth area.

“Our community is intentionally designed to extend choice, independence, and a sense of belonging to seniors. There is no one-size-fits-all—or even one-size-fits-most, ” said Bill Henson, President and CEO.   “It’s a flexible, personalized approach that adapts to each individual’s lifestyle, preferences, and needs—and continues to evolve with him or her over time.  Wentworth Senior Living  puts life first.”

As a senior living facility (distinct from a nursing home or assisted living home), WSL is equipped to serve both independent residents and those with advanced medical conditions. This model provides individualized support to each and every senior within the WSL community. While some may choose to become residents because they are simply ready to have someone else cook and clean for them, others often require more active support throughout their day. This focus on resident empowerment and personal choice are qualities still widely lacking in the industry—which sets WSL apart.

The greatest benefits of the senior living approach are its ability to flex and adapt to serve each individual. At WSL, staff recognize the importance of preserving the lives and habits of each resident, and strive to extend the feeling of home to a new physical location.

“At Wentworth Senior Living, we believe home is far more important than a physical place—it’s a feeling of belonging, security, and companionship,” said Gretchen Knight, VP of Community Development. “Whether you think of your house or the community you live in, your home is a reflection of you. Your interests. Your routines. Your relationships. So when you choose to live here, we seek to preserve what you treasure most about home.”

To support its name change and better reflect its commitment to an innovative senior living model, WSL will launch a newly designed website in mid March.

Wentworth Senior Living is a nonprofit senior living community dedicated to supporting seniors’ health, independence, relationships, and interests in a connected environment. As an active participant in the greater community, WSL is committed to ensuring all local seniors are fully engaged in living better lives longer. Located in the heart of Portsmouth’s historic South End, WSL has been in operation since 1911. Visit