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How to Pay for Senior Living

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Ensuring our loved ones are emotionally and mentally prepared for their future is just as important as their financial security. Knowing the costs and options available at a senior living community not only help you plan for a less stressful future, but also helps you find the right home.

That’s why we put together a guide on paying for assisted living. The following is an excerpt of the guide:

Deciding to move into a senior living community is not an easy choice. In some cases, it may not seem like a choice, which may make the reality of moving even more overwhelming. The good news is most families have time to talk about the future before a crisis strikes. The difficulty is knowing how to have the conversation directly.

It’s important to be honest and open from the start. Start the conversation before the need sneaks up on you. Sometimes it may take a while for your parents to grow comfortable with the idea of moving. Give them (and yourself) plenty of opportunities to discuss options and express ideas. A conversation about Mom or Dad’s future can help answer a lot of questions. Ask them what their wishes are if they can no longer live on their own. Would they like in-home care? Would they prefer living in a community? Do they have a community in mind? Even if the answer to most of these questions is “I don’t know,” it will get your family thinking about the practical planning for your loved one’s later years.

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