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Senior Living Community Visit: 15 Questions to Ask [Free & Updated Checklist]

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Finding the answers to the basic questions you might have when researching senior living options can be easy enough with websites and brochures providing all the details you’d need regarding housing, medical support, dining, etc.

In 2016, we developed a senior living community visit checklist that families can use in order to feel completely informed and comfortable.  Since then, we have added more questions that will help you guide your conversations during a visit.  

This downloadable checklist is made up of the Top 15 Questions to Ask at a Senior Living Site Visit—and What Their Answers Really Mean. 

This checklist will help you: 

  • Ask the right (in-depth) questions during a visit. 
  • Understand what key phrases to listen for. 
  • Recognize visual cues that provide even more details. 

This updated checklist is intended to supplement materials provided by a senior living community, and acts as a guideline to facilitate discussions during your visit. Bwriting down your answers and impressions during the visit, you’ll be able to keep specific details about the community top of mind after you leave. 

We suggest bringing a copy of this updated checklist with you to every senior living community you visit. By doing this, it will help you be able to compare and contrast their key differences which will help make your decision much easier.

After all, visiting senior living communities can be an overwhelming experience. By reviewing all the available options, you will be able to determine the best senior living home for you or your loved ones.