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Stand with Seniors: 3 Ways to Get Involved

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At WSL, we understand that community extends beyond the walls of our physical building.

We work with our friends and neighbors to address issues affecting our residents, as well as all local seniors. We aim to be an active participant in the community and appreciate when locals get involved with our work.

Here are three ways that you, as a business owner or leader, can help foster community within WSL and get involved in the world of senior living.

Educational Opportunities

Are you an expert in your field? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and educating others? We are always looking for speakers to visit WSL to give lectures or workshops on interesting topics that will engage residents and local seniors.

Not only are you providing an educational service to WSL, but it’s key to remember that word of mouth is powerful, especially within senior communities where people socialize all the time. With plenty of time to talk, many seniors will relish the opportunity to become a brand advocate and share their experiences and recommendations of your work.

Nonprofit Partnerships

Does your nonprofit share key elements of our philosophy? Why not explore a potential partnership that could support both organizations? For example, WSL works with the Alzheimer’s Association and participates in their Walk to End Alzheimer’s by raising money and forming a team of walkers for the annual event.

By partnering with WSL, your non-profit will gain strong support and advocacy and the seniors are able to support a cause they believe in. It’s a win-win.

Niche Support

Do you see opportunities at WSL, or in greater Portsmouth, that may fill a niche need? For example, WSL and the City of Portsmouth currently partner to provide monthly buffet luncheons at the Portsmouth Senior Activity Center.

Not only are you providing a potentially key service for seniors, but you’re also building buzz around your business or passion.