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The Impact of Volunteering in Senior Living Communities

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Volunteering can be an extremely beneficial and rewarding activity for both the recipients of the volunteer work and the volunteers themselves. Once volunteers participate, they often create momentum for themselves to seek out more opportunities and become deeply invested in the cause they are contributing to. In turn, organizations and beneficiaries of the work reap these rewards and the positive cycle of volunteering continues. Volunteering supports those in need all while bringing about many positive mental benefits to the individual volunteer.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, instead many communities make it simple and tailored to each person’s schedule and availability. It can even help reduce stress, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose. The benefits of volunteering are never-ending and can be surprising – you will start to develop new skills and build upon your own personal experiences. It sheds light on what great people there are in the world and is key in building relationships and making communities even stronger.

To find the right volunteering opportunity for you, begin by considering your interests and goals, alongside determining how much time you want to dedicate. The opportunity for volunteers is vast and always appreciated – there is something for everyone! The Portsmouth area is no exception, and local organizations are always looking for to connect with their community.

Volunteering is very meaningful, especially for nonprofits, as the contributions (both big and small) make such a positive and valuable impact. In senior living communities, volunteers build relationships with residents and help guide them through specific activities while enhancing their day-to-day social interactions. Volunteers are a great addition to senior care staff, as they bring unique conversations and expertise to different activities. This creates deep connections and shared social experiences with the residents. Having volunteers brings many benefits, as they support nonprofits to continue to go above and beyond and truly make a difference to their overall cause.

At Wentworth Senior Living, we encourage and welcome community members to join our team. Volunteering at WSL means enriching all the lives of our residents and create a lasting impact on community. We can work with your schedule; Your efforts with us can be as short as a single project, or more committal on an ongoing basis with an option to become a WSL Incorporator. Some examples include resident companion, assisting during off-site trips or leading group activities. If you’re passionate about helping our community, we encourage you to learn more about our current WSL volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering isn’t the only way to support WSL or another nonprofit. Monetary donations provide additional growth to any organization, and for WSL, a popular route for donations is through our endowment program. If you are interested, we are currently accepting contributions to directly fuel our mission by contributing to a constantly changing community and assist in supporting our residents to live fully engaged lives. You can choose to donate to one or more of our key support areas, including Residential Grants, Staff Scholarships and Community Enhancements. Your donation makes a lasting impact on the WSL community, and we are so appreciative of your thoughtful generosity – thank you!

Whether you are donating your time or other resources, volunteering truly makes a difference to any organization. Volunteers should know that every effort of theirs brings great benefits to both them and the people they are helping, and they should feel proud for lending a hand to the causes they are passionate about. Find a cause or organization local to you to continue the upward momentum of volunteering in your area!