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When Mom Needs to Move NOW: 3 Critical Things to Know

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Sometimes we’re granted the luxury of time. But oftentimes, decisions need to be made quickly, efficiently, and without the benefit of thorough research or extensive professional advice.

So what happens if you find yourself in a situation and your Mom (or Dad) needs to move now?

Perhaps there is a sudden health emergency. How will you address this unexpected situation (and its fallout)?

Situations are rarely the same, but here are three critical things to know when Mom needs to move:

1. A nursing home or rehab center isn’t your only option.

If your parent has been hospitalized and needs to move, it’s important to know that a nursing home or rehab center isn’t your only option. Senior living centers, like Wentworth Senior Living, are not exclusively dedicated to this type of care, but they are able to address residents’ needs to ensure optimum health.

2. You have the power to make decisions.

If your hospital recommends a specific rehab center or nursing home for Mom, be aware that you are under no obligation to move forward with this recommendation. You can take a reasonable amount of time to look around and find alternative options that may suit her better. But no matter what, navigating how, when, and where to transition is difficult – learn more about the options here.

3. It’s not forever.

If your parent moves to a facility that doesn’t seem to be meeting their needs, consider making a switch. After all, needs change over time. Of course, do your homework on contracts, financing, logistics, etc., but keep in mind that your top priority should always be the health and wellness of Mom. Senior living centers, like WSL, are able to adapt and provide changing support over time, creating a community of seniors of all walks of life.

Urgent situations can cause frantic decision-making, particularly when you are dealing with family and/or healthcare. It’s imperative to take a few moments to step back and look at the big picture.

Looking for additional details? Visit, the official U.S. government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.