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How WSL Reinvigorates Senior Residents

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As adults, we’re often defined by who we are: employee, parent, spouse. But as seniors, we’re given the unique opportunity to explore our passions. We can re-define and reinvigorate ourselves. Wentworth Senior Living’s schedule includes fun activities like music and movies, as well as enrichment programs like discussion groups and educational programming.

But what exactly are the differences between activities and enrichment programs?


Intended to keep residents entertained and engaged, activities are fun and lighthearted ways to fulfill social needs and interests. Book clubs, card games, and exercise classes are typical activities for senior centers.

Enrichment Programs:

Designed to dig a little deeper, enrichment programs encourage residents to expand their horizons and challenge themselves in new ways. Seminars and workshops are just a few examples of enrichment programs at WSL.

Just like a reward is more meaningful when you’ve earned it, enrichment programming benefits WSL residents by helping them feel successful, confident, and connected to their community. This is particularly important for those seniors facing cognitive impairment.

Taking it a step further, WSL employs senior living program specialists whose primary job is to engage residents, including those experiencing cognitive impairment, within the community.

These specialists give personalized attention to the residents, diving deep into their social histories to learn about their lives and to understand what programming will help them remain vital and active. These specialists, trained in the most recent trends in memory care, create both community-wide programs to address common needs, as well as personalized programs built around hobbies, preferences, existing lifestyles and even potential new lifestyles for residents.

Throughout our lives, we grow and develop. Senior living is no exception. We invite you to schedule a visit to see how reinvigorating WSL’s activities and enrichment programming can be for you.