Memory Care

Wentworth Senior Living strives to incorporate all residents into one community. For our residents experiencing cognitive impairment, we believe individualized care is paramount—there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Some residents benefit most from a structured, secure environment. For others, the opposite is true; an adaptive, flexible approach is best. We help a resident shape his or her day into an experience that is comforting, familiar, and relaxed.

We recognize that when cognitive function begins to deteriorate, seniors depend on their instincts and emotions—so it’s imperative to inspire comfort, trust, and security through a nurturing environment with attentive, qualified support. Because we prioritize an individual approach to resident care, our staff is there to adapt to their world, not the other way around.

For residents who would benefit from the security of a more structured environment, Wentworth Senior Living offers a specially designed living and dining area with comfortable bedrooms and added support from staff.

  • Secure living and dining areas are specifically designed to help these residents move safely and comfortably through their day.
  • Support includes assistance with daily tasks, such as dressing and bathing, eating, using the bathroom, and moving around.
  • Meals are served family-style, which allows residents to participate more actively in the meal.
  • While private rooms are available, shared rooms provide the option for companionship, which can keep loneliness and disorientation at bay.

Specially trained staff members support each individual in achieving moments of success, maintaining dignity, and promoting a sense of self worth. These moments of success look different for every resident—and, for most, it’s simply about remaining in touch with the tasks and routines that once represented “normal” life. Basic activities such as folding laundry, sorting mail, or reading favorite poems can evoke the satisfaction of completing the day successfully. Our calendar of programs is designed to be flexible and resident-driven.

As cognitive function deteriorates, we’re able to provide nurse intervention to manage complex medical conditions, and to supervise palliative or hospice services.