Our Philosophy

Home: Where We Rest, Recharge, and Grow

Home is where we find family, comfort, and reassurance. It’s where we find ourselves.

At Wentworth Senior Living, we believe home is far more than a physical place—it’s a feeling of belonging, security, and companionship. Whether you think of your house or the community you live in, your home is a reflection of you. Your interests. Your routines. Your relationships. So when you choose to live here, we seek to preserve what you most treasure about home.

Our Approach

Wentworth Senior Living is a senior living community dedicated to supporting seniors’ health, independence, relationships, and interests. We provide the opportunities for connection and social engagement that help you maintain your lifestyle and live an engaged life.

We are not a nursing home, in designation or in feel. Our living spaces are quiet and comfortable. Medical support is offered in a private, respectful manner within residents’ own apartments. Common areas are cozy and home-like, devoid of distracting and noisy nurses’ stations.

Our highly trained professional staff values the time they take to engage and build relationships with residents they genuinely respect and love. Residents’ interests and choices determine daily activities that are never regimented or required. Meal times are flexible. Transportation often can be scheduled at-will. Personal freedoms are embraced and encouraged.

Adapting to Changing Needs

The Wentworth Senior Living community comprises seniors of all abilities: from those simply ready to enjoy dining, housekeeping, and laundry services, to those needing companionship and assistance to complete daily tasks. Should residents need increasing support over time, we’re able to adapt and provide it, allowing each person to remain in—and part of—the community for as long as he or she chooses.