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Beyond Our Walls: How WSL Serves All Local Seniors

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At Wentworth Senior Living, our vision is to be an active participant in a community dedicated to ensuring seniors are fully engaged in living better lives longer.

Our downtown Portsmouth location, paired with our organization philosophy, allows us to move seamlessly beyond Pleasant Street into the vibrant Seacoast.

Our vision extends beyond our physical address because we want to have a greater positive impact on the population we serve. We also know our residents have interests, routines, and, most importantly, relationships that shouldn’t be limited, so we work hard to cultivate opportunities for our residents… and for the entire Seacoast senior population.

We offer a hybrid of senior opportunities and services because we recognize that the issues and experiences of our residents also affect seniors living in the greater community. Currently, our community senior services include:

Senior Transportation: 

This service is a collaboration between WSL and the City of Portsmouth. The program provides Portsmouth’s senior residents (and WSL residents) with rides to and from medical appointments, senior activities, meals, volunteer positions, and in-town shopping. Interested riders of this curb-to-curb transportation program are encouraged to call 603-570-7791 for more information. The schedule can also be found here.

Portsmouth Senior Activity Center Support: 

WSL’s support of the Senior Activity Center is another example of how we partner with the City of Portsmouth – we helped develop and furnish the space. Located at the Community Campus, visitors include WSL residents and local seniors who enjoy cookouts, discussion groups and lectures, movie matinees, technology and dance classes, and much more. Up-to-date information can be found at the Community Campus, 100 Campus Drive, Portsmouth, NH, or here.

Luncheons at the Senior Activity Center: 

With socializing before and after, the buffet luncheons hosted by WSL and the City of Portsmouth at the Senior Activity Center are popular events for WSL residents and the local senior community. The first lunch is complimentary, with following lunches costing only $5.00 per person.

Community Health Education:

Our resourceful team of experts works to offer a variety of health education opportunities to WSL residents and local community members. We invite speakers to our Pleasant Street location, and we work to support and participate in events happening around the Seacoast. We encourage our own residents to recommend health topics, events, and speakers to inspire opportunities. Stay tuned to our Facebook page or contact us for more information about upcoming events.

Partnerships with Community Nonprofits:

When we encounter a local nonprofit that shares key elements of our own philosophy we are always open to exploring potential partnerships. We know that when two or more organizations collaborate to create opportunity, the result tends to be extremely positive—harnessing the strengths of each individual group. For example, we work with the Alzheimer’s Association and participate in their Walk to End Alzheimer’s by raising money and forming a team of walkers for the annual event.